Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a money transfer app?

No, Tipp is a social gifting app. The primary purpose of this platform is to provide a simple and elegant way of receiving cash gifts (or tipps) from friends, family, subscribers, etc.

What is Tipp used for?

Tipp is used primarily to receive cash gifts. Signing up for an account creates a unique page for you with a link that you can share on your social media, blog, or anywhere you would like.

When do I receive my tipps in my bank account?

Your money is paid into your bank account within 1 - 3 working days. Please note that weekends (Saturday and Sunday) do not count as working days.

What are campaigns?

Campaigns are short for "crowdfunding campaigns" or "fundraiser campaigns". They allow you to raise funds for a specific cause, in a fun and easily traceable way.

How secure are the payments?

As secure as can be! We make use of the Paystack payment gateway to provide you with this service, and we ensure end-to-end encryption of all requests between our server and theirs to keep all of your information safe.

What are the payment limits?

The lowest tipp you can receive is ₦100, and the highest we allow for now is ₦50,000.

What are your transaction fees?

Our transaction fees are very minimal, and are determined by the size of the tipps you receive.

Please note that Paystack transaction fees are also applicable, and are also very minimal.